The ice cream series with electric rice cooker: sweet and sour blueberry ice cream

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WCC is back here, everyone. This is the third detailed tutorial, how about everyone. Please give WCC opinion below the comment.
Back to the previous Coffee Ice Cream Series from the Rice Cooker, this tutorial will guide you in a slow and detailed style for everyone. The principle of making ice cream is the same, everyone can change the taste of the ice cream. If Coconut Cream is fat, bitter coffee, Blueberry ice cream is sweet and sour. Just a little different from the ingredients in the recipe, we have 1 cool new ice cream for happy summer! Come on, let's go in the kitchen!

1. Chicken eggs: 3 fruits
2. Sugar: 5-10gr
3. Strong wine: 10ml
4. Condensed milk: 5-10ml
5. Topping cream: 500gr
6. Fresh milk: 200-220ml
7. Salt: 1-2gr
8. Blueberry Syrup: 30ml



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